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Home > Eye Care > Wrinkle Eraser Age Reduction Facial Eye Anti-aging Pen
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Reg:  $99.00
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Item NO.: SFY-6001
Code: 191
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Wrinkle Eraser Age Reduction Facial Eye Anti-aging Pen
microcurrent galvanic wrinkle eraser pen darks circles bags eye pouch removal facial hegf beauty pen
1.How does wrinkle form? 
The skin elasticity is maintain from elastic fiber and collagen, with the age increasing, collagen of body will be run off gradually, and elastic fiber become damage, wrinkles then come out. 
2.How does Wrinkle Eraser work? 
The Wrinkle Eraser is a system for reducing wrinkles on human skin by utilizing an electrode to conduct a microcurrent through the surface of the wrinkle into the underlying dermal layer. In the meanwhile, it adopts latest Biomimetic technology, which imitates brain photon wave energy to secrete the coenzyme, thus accelerating the synthetic ability of collagen and H EGF (the growth factor of human epidermis), repairing the elasticity support structure to make depth wrinkle smooth gradually and also prevent new wrinkles.

Voltage: DC-6V, operated by one pc battery of 4LR44 4AG13 (included)
Output cycle: 7.5 Hz
Output pressure:12V(peak-peak value)
Product size: 17x2.5x1.7cm
1.Functional spot with high wave energy 
2.One button operated for power and strength condition adjust 
3. 3 options of High, Mediuim, and Low wave energy with indication light 
4.Built-in buzzer indicating effective working 
5.conductive pads of wave energy on both sides of massager, convenient for hand grasp, which works as circulation conductor, a must for appliance working
6.Smart pen appearance, very fashionable and convenient to carry 
7. Smart for carry anywhere anytime 
8.Ergonomic design for Different age
Bionic high wave: 45 year-old or above 
Bionic medium wave: 30-45 year-old 
Bionic low wave: 30 year-old or below

Wrinkle Eraser Age Reduction Facial Eye Anti-aging Pen
1. Effectively removes eye bag and puffiness 
2.Lighten dark eye circle 
3. Erase wrinkle,tighting and firming your eyes 
4.Delay formation of wrinkle 
Sounds like a MAGIC, but its REAL. 
You will see the wrinkles or fine lines become lighter and the eye bags / dark circle will become disapper mostly after using 15 minutes treatments of each eye at the 1st time using this pen !!!
Operation Procedures:
1) Washing the surface of the wrinkle and the areas around, apply a light coating of a conducting cream or eye essence along the length of the wrinkles.
2) Holding the device in one clean, bare hand, making sure the conductive pads of wave energy on both sides take good contact with the skin of the bare hand.
3) While looking in a mirror, lightly pressing functionary electrode of wave energy to one end of the surface of the wrinkle to be treated. Then, the LED blinks and buzzer beeps. The device works. Slowly move the electrode along the full length of the wrinkle surface (generally from inner to outer), applying light pressure and maintain constant contact with the skin. Focus on one point for 15-20 seconds. The distance between two adjacent points is suggested to be once centimeter. At least 4 passes over the wrinkle should be made.A proposed course of treatment for a light facial wrinkle would consist of performing the steps listed above every two or three days for two to three weeks. If the desired reduction in the wrinkle is achieved, please reduce the frequency of the treatment to once or twice a week. It is necessary to continue this abbreviated maintenance schedule of treatment or the wrinkle will return if the wrinkle is not reducing to size.
Warm Reminds:
1.1-2 times a day, at least 6 hours before next use 
2. Keep skin around eyes clean 
3.Healthy living does good to enhance the effect and function of the product 
4.We suggest that you take a picture of eyes at same time every 1-2weeks 
5. We suggest that you take a picture of eyes at same time every 1-2weeks, marking the date, not using makeup; you'll enjoy the joy of repairing the eye skin.

CE, ROHS, Chinese Patent, MA, AL
Wrinkle Eraser Age Reduction Facial Eye Anti-aging Pen
 Wrinkle Eraser Age Reduction Facial Eye Anti-aging Pen, 03/06/2013
By Moldeahnuer
The Eye Massager is also good.
 Wrinkle Eraser Age Reduction Facial Eye Anti-aging Pen, 23/05/2013
By loriezqeb
Just got to use it, I feel good vibrations, spent two minutes, I feel very comfortable eye.
 Wrinkle Eraser Age Reduction Facial Eye Anti-aging Pen, 25/04/2013
By raneebgg
This function is quite a number of micro-current, heating, as well as the role of phototherapy
 Wrinkle Eraser Age Reduction Facial Eye Anti-aging Pen, 15/04/2013
By silvabrgf
The stuff is very small, very beautiful
 Wrinkle Eraser Age Reduction Facial Eye Anti-aging Pen, 10/04/2013
By Scottwq
Friend of big bags under the eyes apply eye cream massage for a few minutes with the bags under the eyes immediately.
 Wrinkle Eraser Age Reduction Facial Eye Anti-aging Pen, 08/04/2013
By ScottwqMoldeahnuer
Really well, to buy back the first night with.
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