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Ultrasonic Body Beauty Massager Ultrasound Therapy

Ultrasonic Body Beauty Massager Ultrasound Therapy


Ultrasonic Body Beauty Massager Ultrasound Therapy:
1mhz high frequency ultrasonic massager facial skin care beauty ultrasound therapy face massager spa

Power transformer input: AC220V/50HZ AC110V/60HZ Output:DC9V/500mA
Lithium batteries:standard voltage 7.4 V550mAh
Charging time:2hours
Ultrasonic frequency:1 MHZ/S
Mainframe power:1W
Actual Dimension:4.6*4.6*18.8CM

This product is a handheld rechargeable facial instrment,integrating ultrasonic,positive and negative Ions,featured with innovative design and streamline figure. Its top-class ultrasonic technology brings unprecedented innovation and breakthrough to personalized beautification by virtue of its acoustic vibration which is as high as 1 million times per second.By strengthening the penetration of the skin and absorption of nutrients and essence, the product restores the resilience and brilliance of the skin, and makes you shiny as before.
This product is a new generation of beauty products representing with its three functions ,that is ,ultrasonic, positive and negative ions, as well as the design of swinging probe, wireless operation ,and low-power dissipation

The vibration,as 1 minllion times per second,will increase the penetration of the skin, soften the horny layer, activate the deep cells, speed up blood circulation and the metabolism, and also make your skin elastic and shiny
The high-effective cream cleanser bonding with the positive ions can rapid remove the dirt in the capillary pores,and unclog them by decomposing and expelling the remaining of metabolism and pigmetation from inside to outside
Effective induction of nutrient solutions cand go deep into the dermis layer and remove the pock and whitening the skin by repairing the broken fiber there,promoting the cell's absorption of nutrition essence and reprodecing cells continuingly.
Charge cradle
Power adaptor
Main body
User manual


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